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Failure to Blog (and some awesome pictures)

Over the past four weeks I have clocked a ton of time in front of my computer screen and have had a lot more time to think about personal projects that were pushed to the back burner while I dedicated my entire life to my job. I was pretty miserable while not thinking creatively about my own work and now that I have had time to reflect on projects I’ve half completed or stopped working on i realized that I pretty much completely stopped blogging. I did some creative work on the side or on weekends but never had the time or felt like the things I produced were incomplete. So to move out of the funk and create more of an online presence for my work (both photography and graphic design) I endeavor to post at least once per week (probably though strategic scheduling) a project I am working on or completed a while ago.

I may also start adding links to a new blog project I am attempting titled ‘Your Adult Life’ exploring the ins and outs of some subjects covered in my previous blog post ‘Proper Adult’ and others I’ve been thinking about. Going to aim for one a week over there but those posts may take a bit more research.

Without further ado: On September 5, 2014 I pulled triple duty as the MoH, DJ, and photographer at my sister’s wedding (also was the graphic designer for all graphic needs, but that didn’t happen day of). Here are some of the images I captured of this special day:

     Flowers Mel






Missing the UK

Top 10 things I miss about the UK

Picture via The Telegraph – Go read their article!

1. Rugby – seriously the best sport ever to watch and to play. I need to figure out how to find matches to watch on the interwebs.

2. The Accents – the general populace over here in the States, just doesn’t sound as intelligent… being surrounded by such wonderful accents every day for a year and then going directly back to people sounding stupid even when they are discussing astrophysics is pretty jarring. I realize this is a strange controdiction because I still have an American accent.

3. Being a Novelty – Speaking of which – for some reason the Brits love American accents and Americans in general… I shall miss this being a conversation starter when out in public.

4. Public Transportation – The public transpo here in the States blows! Things are too spread out for it to be anywhere near convenient.

5. Brands/Shops/Designers – Cath Kidston has to be my favorite designer and now I can only find her stuff online or in super-mega big cities (maybe?). Also my new obsession with the shop White Stuff has be bummed because they don’t exist (to my knowledge) over here either.
6. Cider – Not apple cider, there isn’t a lot of that  in the UK but tons in MI, but the real (alcoholic) kind. The beer industry has a monopoly on the drinking in the States and cider is hard to come by. Good cider is especially hard to find. Cider on tap is more rare than Pandas in China.

7. £1/£2 Coins – Dollar bills and the rare $2 bill are really boring. I liked that the smallest bill was a fiver in the UK. Coins might be heavier, but they don’t seem to go walkies nearly as much as $1 bills.

8. BBC/ITV iPlayers – I shall miss catching up easily on my favorite BBC/ITV programmes.

9. Easy/Cheap Travel to Different Countries – Everything is so close together and smaller over there. You can go to 6 different countries in a weekend if you really wanted to – for less than $500 for traveling expenses.

10. Gregg’s Sausage Rolls – I don’t know why I become so obsessed with this specific type of sausage roll, but I will really miss them.



Hey UK Peoples –

You want stuff? I have stuff you can either have or buy from me. It’d be cool if you left a comment letting me know if you want something – prices listed next to items. There is more than this, but I didn’t feel like photographing all of it. Complete list at the end.

Mini Trash Bin £2

Mini Christmas Tree £2

Assortment of Sharpie Markers, Dry-Erase Markers and Day of the Week Dry-Erase magnets £1

2 x Fish Shape Ice Cube Tray
2x Bottle Ice Cube Tray  All 4 – £2

3 Tray Ikea Desk Organizer £3

3 Drawer Mini Organizer £2

Remington Hair Straightener £5

Tesco Hair Dryer £5

Food Scale with lid £1

Ikea Cupboard/drawer Organizers – Set of 6 (only 4 pictured) £2

Litchfield Self Inflating Camping Mat w/ carry bag and patch kit £10

Ikea Underbed Storage Bag/Box thing £2

File Box w/ hanging folders & manilla folders £2

Other Items not pictured:

1 x Medium Sauce Pan £2

1 x Small Sauce Pan £2

1 x Small Milk Pan £2

1 x Set of 2 Ikea Utensil Canisters £1

3 x Plates (1 ceramic, 2 plastic) £1

1 x Set of 4 plastic square bowls £1

1 x Baking tray – Free

1 x Roasting Pan – Free

1 x Large (Well Seasoned) Wok £1

2 x Small Square Plastic Storage boxes – Free

2 x Small Round Plastic Storage Containers – Free

Assorted Cutlery – Free

Assorted Cooking Utensils – Free

Assorted Mugs/travel mugs/drinking glasses – Free

Assorted Random Objects – Free

Leave a comment if you want to call dibs on anything. I can deliver to UoN Campus, Jubilee Campus, or Lenton/Notts City Center or you can pick up from Broadgate Park. Payment in cash please! All transactions are final (if you don’t want it after that – it is your problem :P) Preferably all items will be picked up/dropped off by the 15th, but small items can be held until the 21st.

That is all.



Really good day!

Today I woke up after a restful night, my knee not hurting so much. I rolled over and hopped online (daily routine… it happens). After an hour or so I heard the intercom phone ring (you know when someone stands outside and calls your flat, then you can talk to them before you go down and let them in the building- that thing). I’ve been expecting two packages and was delighted when I made it to the phone and the postman said he had a parcel for me!

I excitedly ran down the stairs (as quickly and excitedly as is possible with a bum knee and one crutch for support) and discovered a large package awaiting me on the doorstep. The postman then (seeing my crippled state) carried the extremely heavy parcel all the way to my room door in my flat for me!! Super nice man and I wish him a long life full of joy for carrying this parcel up for me!

The return address made it clear which package had arrived and I got even more excited, but it was A LOT heavier than I was expecting. I’ll let the images below tell the rest of the story!

I am now on cloud nine and headed down to the Rugby Pitch to watch my girls smash Leicester!


Settled in!

Nottingham is slowly becoming more familiar to me finally. It seemed pretty strange there for a bit, but we are becoming friends now. I think mostly the transition has taken so long because, if you follow me on Facebook you’ll know, the University took AGES giving up my refund, which is my living money. They finally loosened the purse strings and gave up half of it (which was always going to be the case). This has enabled me to become better acquainted with the city and its people. I’ve always been decent at navigating, but now I think I’m pretty boss at it.

I’m finally caught up on all my homework (aside from one small reading that I’m currently avoiding, but it is only 10 pgs and can be done tomorrow before class) after my awesome work ethic slightly faltered when I had a visit from Normé last weekend! Though my work ethic suffered slightly, it was really fantastic that he came to visit as I was starting to miss the States and a familiar-face pick me up was all I needed! He came for a long weekend, we went to London where we wandered around, ate some lack luster chicken in Soho, and generally did the sight-seeing thing. He had to leave SUPER early on Sunday morning so I waved him off at the train station to the airport and went back to the hotel to use up the rest of our time. After a little more beauty sleep, I wandered around Soho some more and did a bunch of window shopping. I couldn’t be bothered to do much else (like go to some amazing art exhibitions that I am now kicking myself for missing) so I got a train home around 1500. (For those of you who don’t read 24 hr time that is 3pm) I was attempting to make it back to Nottingham before my 5pm Skype date, which I completely missed as the ticket I bought was on the twice as long route, but was only £3 cheaper :/.

Since I got back some other pretty sweet things have been going on, but you’ll have to read my next post to find out more (I think I’m going to write a bunch of posts and set them to auto-post over a few days time just to draw out all the excitement!)


P.S. That is a Robin Hood Statue that lives next to Nottingham Castle!

P.P.S. Pictures have been limited as I don’t have a card reader for my proper camera and my U.S. phone will no longer charge, but I will hopefully have a solution that you will have to read about later!


It was a semi frustrating journey, but I’ve made it to Nottingham and will be installed in my permanent quarters on Saturday. Currently I’m skipping International Student Welcome Week programs to hang out, do laundry, and update my blog/Facebook/Twitter. Most of the events are geared toward students that have jut graduated High School (or their country’s equivalent). There are still parents of these students in town (seriously, cut the apron strings already… they probably moved across the world to get away from your helicopter parenting). Anywho, here are the details of my journey:

Had to wait an extraordinarily long time for my plane on Monday (mostly my own fault for not checking to see how far in advance I could check in and get my baggage situated) but O’Hare had free WI-FI and my phone still worked so I wasn’t too fussed. I slept for a couple hours and woke in time for dinner (which wasn’t too bad considering), but I was awake the rest of the flight :(. Breakfast was pretty decent, but that was the last food I was to consume until 7pm (1900) Nottingham time (it was 0800 Nottingham time).

Got off the plane in Madrid about 10 minutes “late” and figured, “No big deal, I’ll just have to hurry to make my next plane (about an hour layover).” WRONG! Little did I know, the Spanish Gov. requires all people coming into the country to go through Passport Control and ANOTHER SECURITY CHECK including stupid little baggies of lotions & potions, laptops completely naked, and all the annoying flying security BS I’d already put up with in the U.S. All the while being yelled at to do certain things repeatedly in Spanish, even when I asked them to repeat it in English they just yelled the same thing in Spanish again. Also, the Madrid airport felt like the largest airport in the entire world. After stamping, striping, repacking, and a 10 min tram ride. everything I had 20 mins til my flight left (yes left, not boarding). I still had to go up 4 escalators, and haul ass down about a mile and a half concourse to the FURTHEST gate. Needless to say I didn’t make it in time for my flight. I didn’t even make it to the gate, before I cut in line at a different counter (same airline) to figure out if I had already missed it.

Sweating, suffering some serious shin splints, and nearly crying from stress I stormed the counter and shoved my passport and boarding pass into a startled woman’s face, she took what seemed like forever to call the other gate and acertain that I indeed had missed it and the doors had already been closed. She was extremely helpful and I’m sorry I was so snotty to her, but I didn’t know that there was another flight to the same place and hour later, so I was a little stressed. In any case, she got me on the next flight and I went, changed my clothes, because I probably smelled like a library patron, and waited to board.

While waiting I discovered that the Madrid airport doesn’t have free WI-FI or outlets to plug into, so I could update anyone on my status. I slept through most of that 3 hour flight and landed at Heathrow airport an hour after I was originally intended to. Passport Control was really quick and they didn’t ask me any asinine questions about where I was staying and for how long or what color my eyes are, so my temper had drastically improved.

My baggage (luckily it missed my first flight too) arrived unmolested and I walk right out of “customs” without being spoken to by anyone. I found the Nottingham crew waiting and paid to have my luggage take to the Uni via van (no way would all of our luggage have fit in the bottom of the coach (bus)) I was suppose to be able to send my smaller bag on the bus, but I was one of the last ones to board that particular coach so both my bags went in the van. We pulled into Campus 3 hours later, and I would have paid a large amount of money for a proper shower.

to be continued….


Computer is back!

My computer is back in working (like new!!) condition. In celebration of this glorious day, I am doing lots of online browsing! While catching up on the internet I saw this very cute teacup. If anyone is looking to cheer up my holiday, they wouldn’t go wrong with something like this!

Tie Tea Cup by George Lee (I found it on Swiss Miss)

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