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Their New Home

This cute couple bought a house and wanted some pictures to use for their Christmas card for 2013, so I took these for them!J&S3

J&S12 J&S17

J&S11 J&S21



Failure to Blog (and some awesome pictures)

Over the past four weeks I have clocked a ton of time in front of my computer screen and have had a lot more time to think about personal projects that were pushed to the back burner while I dedicated my entire life to my job. I was pretty miserable while not thinking creatively about my own work and now that I have had time to reflect on projects I’ve half completed or stopped working on i realized that I pretty much completely stopped blogging. I did some creative work on the side or on weekends but never had the time or felt like the things I produced were incomplete. So to move out of the funk and create more of an online presence for my work (both photography and graphic design) I endeavor to post at least once per week (probably though strategic scheduling) a project I am working on or completed a while ago.

I may also start adding links to a new blog project I am attempting titled ‘Your Adult Life’ exploring the ins and outs of some subjects covered in my previous blog post ‘Proper Adult’ and others I’ve been thinking about. Going to aim for one a week over there but those posts may take a bit more research.

Without further ado: On September 5, 2014 I pulled triple duty as the MoH, DJ, and photographer at my sister’s wedding (also was the graphic designer for all graphic needs, but that didn’t happen day of). Here are some of the images I captured of this special day:

     Flowers Mel






Today I got a tad nostalgic while going through my HD that’s been hanging out at my sister’s house while I’ve been abroad. I was doing a bit of graphic design work for a friend and it got me thinking about my empty Dribbble account (which is kinda like LinkedIn for Graphic Designers). So I wanted to post some of my old projects as well as newer ones. While going through my old class files from Kendall it brought back many memories. *Le sigh*

I even found some stuff from a workshop that the Kendall Photo Association organized with Tom Allen a few years ago. At which I produced the image below. I’m pretty proud of it.

After the trip down memory lane – I caught the graphic design bug again. I don’t have anything specific to do this week in MI while the rest of the world has actual jobs so I think that’s what I’m going to focus on. I have all these new goals for my creative future. I think after finally finishing this Master’s degree, I’m ready to be creative on a regular basis again. The trip down memory lane and a visit last week to Kendall while I was in Grand Rapids catching up with old friends really made me miss the creative environment. Academia is alright, but creative people are so much more fun to be around!
This doesn’t change my desire to work in a museum or gallery because those environments seem like a good balance between creativity and academia, but I think I’ve reached a point where I wouldn’t mind doing freelance photography or graphic design on the side just for kicks.

So there’s that. A little more serious than originally intended, but I’m OK with it; the situation seems to call for it. It feels like a new stage in my life is about to begin and for once I don’t mind the change so much.

Normally this is me:


Missing my scanner…

Lately I’ve been in a creative mood, but don’t want to use my camera to take photos. After my thesis, I far prefer scan-o-grams (exactly like photo-gram, but with a scanner!) as a capture technique. Unfortunately, I had to leave my scanner in the the States, while I’m away (it never made the journey to FL either :() and now I really miss it.

The longing was increased today when I was stumbling around the internet world. Scanwiches is an amazing website!! It combines two of my favorite things!! Food and photography. Enjoy it as much as I did!

Now I really want a sandwich…and my scanner.


Successes, Failures, & Obsessions

Success :: Went to Dublin, Ireland – It was amazing and I had such a great time & made a new Scottish friend in the hostel!

Failures :: Everything went wrong in Dublin! – My travel buddy never made it from Notts to the Emerald Isle, I only had my iPad for pictures as traveling with my DSLR is a pain in the ass (and it is kinda sorta broken :()- which means I only took one picture, I got massively inebriated,  & missed my flight back to Notts.

<–This was my breakfast/lunch in Dublin.

Obsession :: Irish Accents!! ❤




Success :: Turned in two pieces of coursework. Got the first of them back yesterday with a decent grade!! The way it works is you get a certain percent and those fall in brackets – I can only remember the top two brackets, which are Merit and Distinction. I ended up with a Merit on my first essay, which is really good! It is mega hard to get a Distinction.

Failure :: Handing coursework in early seems to be impossible for me. It reminds me of the quote from He’s Just Not That Into You movie, “You love it because you feed off that drama. You all love that drama. So you never wait until the last minute on a deadline or a phone bill… …because secretly you love the drama…” – It feel like coursework may just be the drama I thrive off of! – We’ll see what the next result it to see if it works for me.

Obsession :: Reading anything that isn’t my homework! Just finished rereading Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. Going to the library later to find something else to read (thinking Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett) that isn’t homework related.

Success :: I’m a published designer!! Like for real! Look at my handiwork! Isn’t it beautiful? Alright I can’t take all the credit (thanks Luke, Alix, and Sophia!! best design team ever!) Impact is University of Nottingham’s student magazine – written, photographed, and designed by the students @ Notts. – I also designed an add for my sister a while back – I wonder if that ever made it into print….

Failure :: Designing this issue led to even further delinquency of my coursework. Also, I’ve been looking for a job in Notts and failing in the design field because I have zero Web skills… I tried to learn HTML coding when I first moved to FL, but gave up… now I regret not taking any sort of web design for my minor at Kendall.

Obsession :: Anything to do with design (e.g. blogs, Twitter feeds, etc.) If you have any print stuff or logo design you would like to hire someone else to do – let me know! I won’t charge much and may even do it pro bono just to stave off the boredom of the upcoming holidays (though please remind me that I have 2 more, way longer essays to write before 16 Jan 2012, but don’t remind me that I turn 25 in less than 30 days.)

In other news…                                                                           

I set up my mini Christmas tree in my room – it is mega cute with the addition of the tiny bulbs I found at Ikea when I first moved over here. I’ve also created a garden of origami tulips above the head of my bed because my room was feeling a little dull with the English Winter rains clouding up my skylight. I have a week and a half until the end of term, then Paris to look forward to for Christmas – can you say ice skating on the Eiffel Tower? – Look out for another post from me after that joyous occasion. I think that’s all the news from this side of the pond!



Resolutely not making resolutions

It is a brand new year that, on day two, is proving to be just as disappointing as 2010. C’est la vie. Nothing a little retail therapy can’t cure! While trying to refrain from digging through my purse for my debit card, I Stumble[d]Upon (quite literally) a blog post that listed 82 products by Fred & Friends. I’ve seen their products in stores like Urban Outfitters and on the ModCloth website. I had no idea they had so many clever little contraptions to entertain my silly side. I went through the entire website and decided that I absolutely wouldn’t buy three of their products, but I could see myself purchasing ALL the others. It would have to be in a rash of compulsive spending while holding someone else’s credit card, but I could potentially own almost all their products. Most of the products have limited uses, but I would use them at inappropriate times or in inappropriate ways, just to make myself feel better. Who wouldn’t want ice water when your ice is robot shaped? What can I say, I have a soft spot for almost useless things that are super cute and clever.

In addition to having super sweet stuff, they also have some amazing photographers and web designers in their employ (either by contract or in-house) because the website looks smashing! Wonder where their headquarters are located and if they are looking for an intern…

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Jingle Bell time, It’s a swell time…

I can’t figure out why I’m so excited for Christmas this year. I will be spending Christmas day with the dogs and cats at the Wheeler ranch. Just me and the animals. Yet, I feel more glad that it is Christmas this year, than any of my other “adult” Christmas seasons. Maybe it is the knowledge that I don’t have to go back to school after the New Year. Maybe it is because my 24th Birthday is next week. OR maybe it is because I have a Christmas Pig instead of a Christmas Tree! I’m told this Christmas Pig was picked up from a Meijer in Grand Rapids, MI and brought to Florida to light up the holidays.

Whatever it is, it is working. I even have a Santa hat, from our Breakfast with Santa event at the Y. The event went great and my boss, who organized the whole thing, had a blast! All the little kids were in their PJ’s, we had face painting, a snow search (that turned into a fake snowball fight), super fun crafts, and some pretty awesome breakfast. OH (Ho, Ho, Ho!) the big man was present for pictures too!







In other news:

I have joined the Twitter world. @esilsby is (I believe) where you can find me.

I’ve been reading the Everlost Series by Neil Shusterman.

I’ve been listening to the Glee! Christmas Album and I’m on a Boat.

I saw Burlesque, which was decent and How Do You Know which was the usual Rom/Com (to which I am addicted like crack; seriously that big screen is like a bug zapper).

I think that is all… Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year to all of my lovely readers!


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