Hey UK Peoples –

You want stuff? I have stuff you can either have or buy from me. It’d be cool if you left a comment letting me know if you want something – prices listed next to items. There is more than this, but I didn’t feel like photographing all of it. Complete list at the end.

Mini Trash Bin £2

Mini Christmas Tree £2

Assortment of Sharpie Markers, Dry-Erase Markers and Day of the Week Dry-Erase magnets £1

2 x Fish Shape Ice Cube Tray
2x Bottle Ice Cube Tray  All 4 – £2

3 Tray Ikea Desk Organizer £3

3 Drawer Mini Organizer £2

Remington Hair Straightener £5

Tesco Hair Dryer £5

Food Scale with lid £1

Ikea Cupboard/drawer Organizers – Set of 6 (only 4 pictured) £2

Litchfield Self Inflating Camping Mat w/ carry bag and patch kit £10

Ikea Underbed Storage Bag/Box thing £2

File Box w/ hanging folders & manilla folders £2

Other Items not pictured:

1 x Medium Sauce Pan £2

1 x Small Sauce Pan £2

1 x Small Milk Pan £2

1 x Set of 2 Ikea Utensil Canisters £1

3 x Plates (1 ceramic, 2 plastic) £1

1 x Set of 4 plastic square bowls £1

1 x Baking tray – Free

1 x Roasting Pan – Free

1 x Large (Well Seasoned) Wok £1

2 x Small Square Plastic Storage boxes – Free

2 x Small Round Plastic Storage Containers – Free

Assorted Cutlery – Free

Assorted Cooking Utensils – Free

Assorted Mugs/travel mugs/drinking glasses – Free

Assorted Random Objects – Free

Leave a comment if you want to call dibs on anything. I can deliver to UoN Campus, Jubilee Campus, or Lenton/Notts City Center or you can pick up from Broadgate Park. Payment in cash please! All transactions are final (if you don’t want it after that – it is your problem :P) Preferably all items will be picked up/dropped off by the 15th, but small items can be held until the 21st.

That is all.




5 thoughts on “EVERYTHING MUST GO!

  1. Adil Amarsi says:

    Calling dibs on posters, Assortment of Sharpie Markers, Dry-Erase Markers and Day of the Week Dry-Erase magnets & the hair straighteners 🙂

  2. Nat Gladstone says:

    Can I call dibs on the assorted utensils, mugs and cutlery. The hairdryer, the roasting and baking trays please 😀

  3. Ili Mustafa says:

    I would love the drinking glasses, medium and small saucepan, milk pan, all 4 of the ice cube trays and the camping mat please :p

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