New Life Goals

Apparently, the fates have aligned and given me a new life goal that I didn’t ask for. My new mission in life has become to break everything made of glass or ceramic I come into contact with. I’ve broken 2 wine glasses (not while drinking) and 1 ceramic bowl in the last week and a half. I am now concerned for my tea mugs, Delft tile sitting on my desk, and anything someone else owns made of glass/ceramic.

In better news the most recent event of breaking a stemless wine glass in the middle of my bedroom floor gave me a shove to actually hoover (vacuuming for my American friends) my room and then I went all cleaning crazy and deep cleaned the bathroom as well. At this point I think I would do ANYTHING (like this blog post) to avoid working on my dissertation since it is this long and arduous thing looming over me.

For kicks here is what I looked like while cleaning with this really insane ‘natural’ cleaning agent – not sure natural cleaning products are suppose to be so hazardous for your breathing health, but the first time I used this one I almost died of asphyxiation. Enjoy!



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