UK Adventures Chapter 2: Notts and Manchester

It’s Friday night and to prove how coolIam, I decided to write another blog post.


Well after the harrowing journey back to Notts from London, Kate and I crashed out until 3pm. After waking, we decided to go on a quick walking tour of the city centre and grab some dinner. We arrived into town just in time for all the shops to shut, but I showed Kate the “sites” as it were, we ate some pub grub, and took her to the (somewhat disputed) oldest pub in the country, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem for a pint. Being still knackered from our long journey the day before and a train to catch to Manchester the next morning, we had an early night.

Woke up the next day and realised that I had a package waiting for me at the post office, which I didn’t want to leave there for 2 weeks lest it end up being sent back, so I ran down the road only to discover the small package that I thought was coming, was actually a large, extremely heavy box that I couldn’t have possibly carried all the way home. I hopped on the bus outside and rode it back, but this was slower than I thought.

We left to catch our train about 15mins later than we meant to because of it, which meant that the slow traffic in town made us miss yet another train… it was becoming a pattern that neither of us enjoyed, though this time the new tickets were only £20 each and we only had to wait an hour for the next one. (Kate decided while we were in London waiting for the train, – that everytime she got stuck somewhere, she would draw a rat… this one is Ratbin Hood.)


Finally, making it to Manchester, where our very first CouchSurfing Host met us at the station. She showed us the best way to get to her house from the station and vice versa then we talked with her for a bit and she gave us a map of Manchester, told us a good place for lunch, and other stuff to check out.

We had lunch at Richmond Tea Rooms, which was super cute with its Alice in Wonderland themed interior. The sandwiches were pretty freaking amazing and the tea was really good! I had the Fig & Goats Cheese with Honey Sandwich and it was just the right amount of sweet with the creamy goats cheese and toasted bread… yum!

After that Kate and I decided to get lost trying to find the little shopping area that our Host suggested. By the time we finally found everything, most places were shutting up for the night. So we waited in the park to meet my Uni friend Luke for dinner/drinks. After Burritos for dinner Luke (a Manchester native) took us to Sinclair’s Oyster Bar where we proceeded to get a bit drunk.

After Oyster Bar he took us on a small adventure of some other places that I don’t remember the names to were there were more drinks, ending with Kate and I returning to our host’s house at about 1am (don’t worry we had prearranged coming in late with her) and having very little sleep before we had to be at the train station the next morning for our 6am train to Edinburgh, which we were determined not to miss!

Stay tuned for UK Adventures Chapter 3: Edinburgh, Scottish Highlands, and Glasgow where you will find out if we actually made it to the train station in time for this very early departure!



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