The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (and today!!)

The sun is shining in England today and the temps are in the mid-20s (that’s upper 70s for US readers), so naturally I’m sat in front of my computer avoiding doing the work that I need to do. Figured I should post an update to ensure readers that I still exist after a three month hiatus from the blog.

Well, what has happened since I last posted in February? – That is a long story – I shall break it up into a few posts to keep you all on the edge of your seats. Today you get Feb/March happenings, tomorrow I’ll do a post about my UK Adventure Times, the day after will be the rest of April and May… at least that is the plan, but the best laid plans, yada, yada, yada.


The biggest events for me didn’t include V-Day, which is a stupid holiday in any country, but were rugby related. I actually played in a match against Anglia Ruskin, which was a joke. I thought I didn’t know how to play rugby very well – these girls wouldn’t even attempt to tackle us. We beat them 72-0 in 25 mins of play. After that, the ref refused to let it continue because he was too lazy to ref what he called “not rugby.” This match happened the day after I went to A&E (that’s what they call the ER in the UK) for a random asthma attack that would’ve probably killed my stubborn ass had my friends not insisted that I go in for it. I went, survived, and played rugby the next day. Win.

Not Win: Later that week (a Saturday) I was playing touch rugby and found myself on the ground shouting, “Not good!” over and over again. The image below should explain the rest of that story.

4 days after the initial injury…

So back to A&E I went to discover only that it was sprained (found out later from the physio that the ligament between my tibia and fibula was/is torn) and missed out playing in an important match the next day. This injury pretty much ended my rugby playing and has yet to heal properly.

That I think is about it from the Elsie Adventures for February – onward.


In March the rugby team won both the Cup and the League, which was awesome. They were also promoted to the Premiership League for next year! Yet, as my ankle was still bruised/swollen I couldn’t really participate. I did, however, spend St. Paddy’s Day in Dublin. Yes, friends, I returned to Dublin after my last disastrous attempt I figured I’d gotten all the traveling back luck out of my system. I actually had friend’s with me this time! This was an absolutely perfect place to be on St. Paddy’s Day. If you ever get the chance to spend it in Dublin, DO IT! We started drinking at noon and didn’t stop (though we paced ourselves) until midnight-ish. We explored Temple Bar, watched all three 6 Nations Rugby Matches throughout the day, and got a little lost. Stands as the best St. Paddy’s Day – I’ve had to date. It also broke my tradition of my plans falling through and ending up drinking alone while watching P.S. I Love You. Also, one of my friends may have gone slightly overboard on the green… slightly.

The next day we went back home and I went to volunteer for Nottingham Rugby, which was fun as well.

I can’t really remember much else of import happening in March, so now to avoid novel status I shall conclude this post.



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