Gotta Love British Telly


Bored? Watch all the back episodes of these shows and get an education in REAL telly shows! Love me some British TV.

Doctor Who (Currently between Series 6 & 7)

A 900(ish) year old Time Lord (alien w/ two hearts) travels around the Universe in a space ship shaped like a Police Box and continually saves the day.

Misfits (Currently between Series 3 & 4)

Misbehaved teens with super powers.

Sherlock (Just finish Series 2)

Your favorite Sherlock Holmes mysteries updated to modern life.

Downton Abbey (Currently between Series 2 & 3)

Early 20th Century family of The Earl of Grantham & their servants.

Watch them all and you will thank me (or not cuz you’ll be hooked) for sharing these gems.



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