“And now you know the rest of the story…”


I boarded the plane back to the UK with very little enthusiasm as I saw many small children sitting near me, but I was tried so I napped almost the entire way even though a baby cried the whole time — which doesn’t bode well for my future children as I apparently can sleep despite crying infants. Upon arrival I discovered that the only means of trasportation available to travelers on Christmas Day in London is by taxi as all trains, coaches, & buses stop running on this day. It was therefore necessary for me to request that my lovely friend Lucie (at whose house I was to stay for a few days) pick me up from the airport, a task she accepted.

Upon arrival at the home of my friend – I met her entire family (there was a long list of names that she thankfully gave me in the car) where we watched the end of the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, then played a board game!! The game was called Logos and though I though I was pretty good with such things, I proved semi-useless as the questions were mostly about brands that I’ve never heard of having not grown up in England. My inexpert playing wasn’t too detrimental to my team and we (the women) prevailed.

Next day (Boxing Day) Lucie woke me at 12:30 (I felt really bad that I had slept in so long, but she said she thought about waking me earlier and decided not to as I was sleeping so hard) after which we watched some horse racing on the telly and ate a wonderful meal. After lunch/dinner (it was mid-afternoon so more like linner) I accidentally fell asleep again on the sofa – it is a Silsby thing we like to call a food coma and happens on most holidays after large meals. Lucie woke me up to go pick up Christine from the airport (yes the same Christine that I went to Paris with – we are all friends and doing the same course at Notts). After retrieving Christine we came back to the house and I fell asleep again while the others watch some more telly (I don’t know what my problem was honestly). They woke me up to play more board games (Cranium and Logos again) in which my team lost once and won once.

27 Dec dawned bright (alright I wasn’t actually awake when the sun came up because after waking up at 5:30am I fell asleep again at 7:30 and slept til 9). All day I was quivering with anticipation as we were all just hanging about the house waiting to go to a Premiership Rugby match!! Harlequins v Saracens at Twickenham Stadium. We had fab seats and were close enough to the pitch to smell the sweat! The match was pretty good though the Quins lost (I don’t really have a strong allegiance to any side yet, but Lucie’s family are pretty dedicated fans so I figured I’d go with it). I was told off by the man in front of me for my colorful language (though if he had been supporting the Quins I doubt he would have taken issue). Yes that is Christine in the image – she didn’t get a photo of me, but it was pretty awesome to be there!!

After the match I bid Lucie and family adieu and made my way across London first by coach b/c the train system broke down and then via underground – to Kings Cross Station (yeah the one of Harry Potter fame)  – alright well the one next door to Kings Cross (which is St Pancras) in time for my train back to Notts. While waiting for the train I visited the Cath Kidston shop where I bought a new purse (as the one I had with me was suffering a slow death) with the money my Grandparents sent me for my birthday. (Thanks Gma C and Gpa J!!) I was going to buy a raincoat, but this purse is much cuter and I can always use an umbrella in the rain!

The train journey to Notts was uneventful and I arrived in safety at my accommodation at about midnight with nothing interesting to report. And so ended my holiday adventures.

Tune in next time to hear the exhilarating stories of my 25th birthday and New Years Eve…



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