Same Stuff, New Year.

A very Happy New Year to the lot of you!

I’m back from my travels, a year older :(, and so bored the paint on my walls is starting to look interesting. I’ve spent far too much time on the internet lately, but that will probably change soon. I need to start working on my two 5000 words papers that are due in 2 weeks, which should spice things up a bit. Also, need to get to work on the new issue of Impact, which needs to be finished in about 2 weeks too. So, I guess it looks like I’m going to be really busy again soon!

On to more interesting things:

Went to Paris for Xmas with my American friend (we do the same course – you should read her blog too!) We got into Paris on Christmas Eve about 8pm and made it to the hostel (a super cute one at that). We then got ready and walked to Notre Dame (the Cathedral – not the school in IN you silly Americans) for Midnight Mass. There was a huge queue to go into the Cathedral, so Christine and I decided to sit and watch the jumbo screen. Mass was in French, so I naturally didn’t understand a word of it, but the rhythm of the Mass is the same the world over and the songs recognizable, so I got the gist. Sitting there cemented my belief that there is some sign hanging/written on my person that is invisible to me, but says “I like to be hit on by creepy men.” Here is why: Men that approach women who are sitting watching MASS must be creepy. We were approached and stalked for a while by men, while watching Mass. They must’ve seen the sign that is only visible to creepy men on my person or in my aura or something.

Next morning we got up early and went to the Eiffel Tower to ice skate. Let me tell you – if you ever want to go to the Eiffel Tower when there are no lines – Christmas morning is the time to do so. We walked straight up to the box office and then straight up the stairs, were two of about 8 people on the ice (a complimentary service providing skates and everything!!) Christine had to help me get up the stairs – that is some scary shit for a person with a debilitating fear of heights (esp going to the second level!).

Afterward we walked around a few cute Christmas markets, had some mulled wine, went to Ladurée, a fab macaroon shop near Champs-Elysées of Sex and The City fame (apparently), and headed to Montmartre where we walked around the cemetery and stopped by the Moulin Rouge, which I must say was pretty underwhelming in the daylight.

After that we headed back to the hostel so I could collect my things (my flight back to England was that evening) and went to dinner. Dinner could’ve been better, but the view of the Louvre was pretty cool. I mean the Crème brûlée was cold… is that normal? Have I been eating it wrong for years? I also got 3 tomato halves for my starter… who in their right mind wants that much tomato to eat for a starter? It all tasted fine, it was just a bit awkward. After dinner I made an epic journey to the airport (had to change trains 3 times as nothing was really clearly marked or explained properly) and thankfully didn’t have to deal with long lines at the ticket counter or security, b/c I made it to the gate just 5 mins before we began boarding. Finally sat down on the plane and…

Tune in next time where you will hear all about what happened upon my return to the UK!


*all photos courtesy of Christine as my camera is still broken*




One thought on “Same Stuff, New Year.

  1. Un petit club la bonne franquette, on est bien loin du strass des Champs Elys es et c est tant mieux.

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