Really good day!

Today I woke up after a restful night, my knee not hurting so much. I rolled over and hopped online (daily routine… it happens). After an hour or so I heard the intercom phone ring (you know when someone stands outside and calls your flat, then you can talk to them before you go down and let them in the building- that thing). I’ve been expecting two packages and was delighted when I made it to the phone and the postman said he had a parcel for me!

I excitedly ran down the stairs (as quickly and excitedly as is possible with a bum knee and one crutch for support) and discovered a large package awaiting me on the doorstep. The postman then (seeing my crippled state) carried the extremely heavy parcel all the way to my room door in my flat for me!! Super nice man and I wish him a long life full of joy for carrying this parcel up for me!

The return address made it clear which package had arrived and I got even more excited, but it was A LOT heavier than I was expecting. I’ll let the images below tell the rest of the story!

I am now on cloud nine and headed down to the Rugby Pitch to watch my girls smash Leicester!



One thought on “Really good day!

  1. barb frazier says:

    way too cool!!!!

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