Good News, Bad News

First the good news:

I got a really cheap CF card reader so I can start transferring pictures from my camera onto my computer! Though I didn’t really find any that I wanted to blog today already on there.

More good news:

I’ve decided to go to Dublin on Thanksgiving weekend (for my UK friends that is the last weekend in November) because it is SUPER cheap to get a plane ticket and the friend I’m going with knows a good hostel there!! I’ve also made an executive decision to spend Christmas (the would be Eve and Day) in Paris!! My beautiful friend Deanna turned me onto a fantastic list of inexpensive hotels and hostels in Paris as well. Currently searching for an Adventure Time Sidekick for that little journey, but I am going to go with or with out said Sidekick.

Also, I got an iPad!!! This was the most exciting thing I’ve purchased so it will be super easy for me to record/recount all my adventures for you all! My first adventure in creating a video on the iPad worked pretty well, but Facebook didn’t like it so I opened a Vimeo account… I’ll post links to that when new videos start popping up!

Bad news time:

I dislocated my kneecap. 😦 I was at Rugby training and we were scrimmaging against one another. I got the ball and ran with it (I was pretty impressed with my run). I was then tackled, got the ball back to my team, and once all the bodies climbed off of me I stood up. This did not feel good at all. My theory is that while in the tackle someone’s stud caught me under the kneecap and pushed it out of place, then when I stood up it slid back into place. I spent my Friday night at the QMC (hospital) being prodded and x-rayed instead of going to the Quidditch Soc Halloween Party (*minor grumbling*)

In addition to that – this blog post the the first productive thing I’ve done all day today… so that could fall into either category. :/

I think that’s all the news in general…



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