Settled in!

Nottingham is slowly becoming more familiar to me finally. It seemed pretty strange there for a bit, but we are becoming friends now. I think mostly the transition has taken so long because, if you follow me on Facebook you’ll know, the University took AGES giving up my refund, which is my living money. They finally loosened the purse strings and gave up half of it (which was always going to be the case). This has enabled me to become better acquainted with the city and its people. I’ve always been decent at navigating, but now I think I’m pretty boss at it.

I’m finally caught up on all my homework (aside from one small reading that I’m currently avoiding, but it is only 10 pgs and can be done tomorrow before class) after my awesome work ethic slightly faltered when I had a visit from Normé last weekend! Though my work ethic suffered slightly, it was really fantastic that he came to visit as I was starting to miss the States and a familiar-face pick me up was all I needed! He came for a long weekend, we went to London where we wandered around, ate some lack luster chicken in Soho, and generally did the sight-seeing thing. He had to leave SUPER early on Sunday morning so I waved him off at the train station to the airport and went back to the hotel to use up the rest of our time. After a little more beauty sleep, I wandered around Soho some more and did a bunch of window shopping. I couldn’t be bothered to do much else (like go to some amazing art exhibitions that I am now kicking myself for missing) so I got a train home around 1500. (For those of you who don’t read 24 hr time that is 3pm) I was attempting to make it back to Nottingham before my 5pm Skype date, which I completely missed as the ticket I bought was on the twice as long route, but was only £3 cheaper :/.

Since I got back some other pretty sweet things have been going on, but you’ll have to read my next post to find out more (I think I’m going to write a bunch of posts and set them to auto-post over a few days time just to draw out all the excitement!)


P.S. That is a Robin Hood Statue that lives next to Nottingham Castle!

P.P.S. Pictures have been limited as I don’t have a card reader for my proper camera and my U.S. phone will no longer charge, but I will hopefully have a solution that you will have to read about later!


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