101 Dalmatians

OK, so maybe not 101, but the NUWRFC (that’s Nottingham University Women’s Rugby Football Club) look like some pretty decent dalmatians! We’re mostly all white and covered in black spots.

Last Wednesday I played in my first ever Rugby match! I was so grateful for the opportunity as I don’t feel like I have all the rules (there are many) down yet. Mostly it is just tackling people, keeping possession of the ball, and getting it out to the fast runners to score tries (touchdown to those Americans out there). I only touched the ball once during the match, but my pass hit the intended target and I got a few good tackles in too! I play front row (which means I’m in the front row of the scrum, usually as a loose-head prop (Google it)). I’m really enjoying the game and the girls on the team are fantastic people. I think I might be the oldest person on the team, but I guess the younger ones keep me feeling young.

Next match is this Wednesday – home against Cambridge (which I hear is the hardest team in the league) – Kick off at 1400 – I’ll let everyone know how it goes! They are announcing the team roster (we can only field 22 players per game so I might end up in the cheering section this week) at training tonight, I have my fingers crossed!

More fun things are happening – just you wait!



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