Contemplating smaller spaces

I think I might move into a walk-in closet for a couple weeks before I make my final trip across the pond. I have been a spoiled little girl for a very long time. I have never had a room that was smaller than roughly 70 square feet. I now face the prospect of moving into a space that is smaller than a shoebox. I will also be sharing living space/kitchen space with up to 6 strangers, which I’ve never had to do with more than 4 (my two sisters and my parents). In my adult live (college and after) I haven’t had to share a bathroom with more than one person… I desperately hope that I get an en-suite room! With this prospect looming over me I have begun to try to pair down my possessions and decide which ones will make the trip with me. I have also been keeping an eye out for super space saving pieces of furniture and items. I discovered the blog ShoeBox Dwelling via Swiss Miss which I check as often as I can for super awesome ideas. Today Swiss Miss posted a super awesome idea and if I had $200 to spend right now I would send one directly to my room in Nottingham.  It folds flat and is super cute (unlike those semi-comfortable folding chairs that come in bags) when you want to use it. If anyone wanted to send me a care package when I get over there, I wouldn’t say no to one of these. I wish IKEA sold them… I’d be there in a heartbeat.

In other news:



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