I’m not usually one to hop on the trendy bandwagon (or if I do it is usually a little after the wagon has left and I ran to hop on at the last second) so I was skeptical of the new trend that is the Power Balance Wristband. These seemingly useless wristbands were, in my mind, a gimmick to make money and screw with people’s heads a little. Until today.

A few days ago one of the guys left his Power Balance Band at work and couldn’t remember where he left it. I discovered it the next day and put it on to keep it from becoming lost again. I told him I was wearing it and he could come collect it at his leisure. He told me to test drive it for a few days to see if I liked it. I figured, sure why not, it probably isn’t going to do anything anyway.

I wore it from Tuesday evening until this evening. I felt bionic while I was wearing it. I don’t know what it did (harnessed my chi, aligned my chakra, unclouded my aura, or polarized my ions) but it worked. When he collected this band from me tonight my body was not prepared to go back to being normal… after two days of being bionic my body was pissed that it was business as usual again.

After only ten minutes my entire body went into full scale rebellion. My left leg feels like it might fall off at the hip. My right eye is twitching. The rest of my body feels like someone beat me with a sack of oranges. I almost fell over three times when trying to put my scooter on the middle kickstand at the gas station.

Moral of the story: These bands really do something to you, but beware of taking it off. Like heroin, once you start you just can’t stop cold turkey.

Believe me when I say I WILL find another band tomorrow so I can be bionic again!



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