In a Holiday Mood…

Billie Holiday that is… I loves me some Billie. Such a sultry voice and so much emotion in her songs. Thanks to first my sister, Melissa, and then to Jim Marshall for my love of this woman’s music. Who could have know that a class called “Jazz Dazzel Society” would actually be interesting and instill a love of Jazz music into a person.

For some reason Pandora seemed to think She&Him related to Billie Holiday. I listened to my She&Him station for a while this morning and now I’m listening to my Billie Station. She&Him seems to be a modern Hipster Jazz (please don’t tell my sister – she is convinced that because I went to art school, I must be a Hipster) which somewhat relates to the Holiday state of mind. I’m pretty sure I just invented that genre of music… spread the word, but make sure you credit the inventor!

For those of you that suppose yourselves to be music critics… please don’t make fun of me, I really don’t know too much about it. These being my amateur opinions, not actual facts.

While I was listening to the above music, I was making Peppermint Patties… the picture is just for fun…

That is all for today. I think…




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