St. Patrick’s Day

Hello my internet friends! I wanted to take a moment on my (almost) day off to tell you about my (slightly disturbing) St. Patrick’s Day Tradition. Please don’t call any doctors or check Wed MD for a psychological condition that might explain my thoroughly bizarre ritual.

I can say that it is a tradition, because Thursday marked the 3rd year in a row that I have done exactly the same thing. Are you ready for a little peak into my version of crazy? Here goes:

  1. Make plans to go out and get thoroughly shwasted on Irish (Magners) Hard Cider (I don’t drink Green Beer or any beer for that matter).
  2. Somehow ensure those plans fall through leaving you with nothing to do. Make sure you still think you have plans until after a reasonable time to call anyone else, leaving you camped out in bed.
  3. Decide last minute to find a copy of P.S. I Love You. Last night I actually bought it on iTunes (because you need something Irish to happen in your life on St. Paddy’s Day right?.)
  4. Procure a very small quantity of some kind of alcohol.
  5. Collect the movie, a computer, your tissues, the alcohol, and a salty snack on your bed.
  6. Remember to check the clock. You cannot start the movie until after mid-night.
  7. (This step is a few rolled into one) Watch movie, drink alcohol (but only enough to get a buzz going), cry like you’ve just had your heart broken, use the entire box of tissues, and fall asleep before Harry Connick Jr. ruins the movie by being creepy and weird.
  8. Wake up in the morning looking like you have a hang over without all the vomiting and headaches!

Anyone out there more crazy than me on St. Patrick’s Day?



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