Jingle Bell time, It’s a swell time…

I can’t figure out why I’m so excited for Christmas this year. I will be spending Christmas day with the dogs and cats at the Wheeler ranch. Just me and the animals. Yet, I feel more glad that it is Christmas this year, than any of my other “adult” Christmas seasons. Maybe it is the knowledge that I don’t have to go back to school after the New Year. Maybe it is because my 24th Birthday is next week. OR maybe it is because I have a Christmas Pig instead of a Christmas Tree! I’m told this Christmas Pig was picked up from a Meijer in Grand Rapids, MI and brought to Florida to light up the holidays.

Whatever it is, it is working. I even have a Santa hat, from our Breakfast with Santa event at the Y. The event went great and my boss, who organized the whole thing, had a blast! All the little kids were in their PJ’s, we had face painting, a snow search (that turned into a fake snowball fight), super fun crafts, and some pretty awesome breakfast. OH (Ho, Ho, Ho!) the big man was present for pictures too!







In other news:

I have joined the Twitter world. @esilsby is (I believe) where you can find me.

I’ve been reading the Everlost Series by Neil Shusterman.

I’ve been listening to the Glee! Christmas Album and I’m on a Boat.

I saw Burlesque, which was decent and How Do You Know which was the usual Rom/Com (to which I am addicted like crack; seriously that big screen is like a bug zapper).

I think that is all… Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year to all of my lovely readers!



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