Merry Christmas Darling

My newest obsession has me more hydrated than I have ever been in my life. I bought the 16 oz version of this cup for myself for Christmas and since I brought it home, it hasn’t really left my hand for more than an hour, while I am awake. I fill it with ice water over and over again. My only qualm is the fact that you aren’t suppose to use it with hot liquids (probably because hot liquids and straws end in a 2nd degree burn on your tongue). The part that makes me the happiest is the Candy Cane stripped straw! I’m glad I got the 16 oz (that’s grande in Starbucks terms) size because it fits perfectly under the seat of my moped!

While hydrating myself for Christmas, I have also been making tons of Kolaczkis (Polish Christmas Cookies) for a Cookie Exchange Party. The Party was yesterday and I ate so many delicious cookies, that I don’t think I can eat any more until December 25th. Making cookies is great, but the Glee! Christmas Album playing while I baked made it AMAZING! Loving the new songs, esp. The Most Wonderful Day of the Year (The Island of Misfit Toys song).

So I am all set for Christmas, but have no where to go. I’m going to spend the day listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, making family traditional foods, and Skype-ing into various Christmas festivities back home.

Have a very Happy Christmas!



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