Seriously Cute Coat

Kate Spade has been one of my favorite design teams to follow since I was introduced to them a year or two ago via the OhJoy! Blog. I finally found a store while at a mall in Tampa, FL. While there I saw this coat. I had it almost off the hanger to try it on when I glimpsed the price tag! I swiftly returned the beautiful piece of wearable art to its rightful place, hanging in a line of unbelievably expensive outerwear. I couldn’t bring myself to fall in love with it on me and then walk away because the coat cost as much as my moped!

I’ve been semi-obsessed with the idea of this coat since and was super excited to see it on Jamya May’s character, Emma Pillsbury, on the “Special Education” episode of Glee!  I was super jealous, but she looked so cute that I couldn’t stay mad for long.

While doing research for this post, I discovered that the Costume Designers for Glee! often dress Ms. Pillsbury in Kate Spade. That’s why I love her style! I said I followed the brand, but I’m more of a designer knick-knack follower, than clothes (I would never fit into anything other than outerwear). This would be why I never realized Emma’s amazing outfits earlier.

Now we come to the reason for this blog post. The Christmas Season is upon us and I have discovered, by checking the SALE section of the Kate Spade website, that this gorgeous coat is on sale. Like $200 dollars off, kind of on sale. So I thought I would point it out and hope for a Christmas miracle.

Assuming Santa watches me sleep and shower and all that jazz, he probably reads my blog too. So, this is a Santa request (hey if it worked for Brittany on Glee! it can work for me too!). Here it goes:

Dear Santa,

I would dearly love to wake up Christmas morning with this lovely coat nestled under the Christmas Pig (since it is FL I feel strange putting up a tree). I hope you enjoy my blog!


Your jaded, but never fully unbelieving friend, – Elise

Happy Holidays!



UPDATE: This coat has reached a level of Sale which excites me… (Got into a Grad School present?0 $372.00)


3 thoughts on “Seriously Cute Coat

  1. Melvis says:

    That style is a pretty classic late 1950’s early 1960’s “New Look” style, e.g., Chanel, Dior, etc

  2. Rat Girl says:

    There are some super cute dresses on there that I want! Why oh why are we both so poor?

  3. […] the coat I so desperately wanted a Christmas miracle to bring to my doorstep is on it’s way here after […]

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