Welcome to the family!

Finally got around to taking a few pictures of the new addition to the menagerie here in South Florida. Meet Mac! My kitty isn’t too impressed… she tried to hide from him under the dresser.

In other news…

The summer is winding down and the pool hours are significantly reduced. It was an amazing season with some of the craziest people I’ve ever met. Some of those crazy people have moved onward and upward to better things and I am glad to have met them. For those that are sticking around… next summer should be just as interesting.

Halloween has past and it is still 78-90 degrees all the time, which is amazing since I hear snow is forecast for Michigan by week’s end. I would take rain over snow any day. Though it being 80 degrees out while trying to make pumpkin cookies and popcorn balls for Halloween was a little sweaty.

I’ve been working on teaching myself French and HTML. The French is progressing a little bit faster, but that might be because it is actually interesting. HTML, though seemingly necessary is excruciatingly boring.

That’s all for now…



One thought on “Welcome to the family!

  1. barb frazier says:

    he’s adorable!

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