Beautiful Tragedy

The Butterfly Tattoo by Philip Pullman

I, being an avid Pullman reader, requested that the library I used to work at aquire this book. We had pretty much every other Pullman title and the Fiction Librarian (who is super awesome) pulled some strings to get a copy all the way from England (as it is not in print in the States yet/anymore?). I read the book in a couple hours (it is a Young Adult title) and balled my eyes out at the end (you don’t have to be mad at me for the spoiler as Pullman himself gives away the ending in the first sentence of the book). In other words the book was tragically beautiful.

To my great surprise I discovered the movie (released in 2009) while paging through my Netflix recommendations (they really do know what I’ll like) after catching up on this week’s episode of Glee. The movie is everything the book is, but moving… of course here is where I say, “I still liked the book better,” and you say, “I hate people that say that.” Well I’m one of “those” people; get over it.

I cried again at the end of the film, but mostly because the film was over. The film took beautiful tragedy to a whole new level. The cinematography was divine. Music choices were superb. Casting – kismet. OK enough with the gross exaggeration. It was a great film based on an amazing novel by one of my favorite authors. It is on Instant Netflix so you should really look it up, but buy a copy of the book before you watch the movie!

In other news:

Made it to MI and back. Weekend was gorgeously cool. I swam four events at the Mason High School Alumni Swim Meet ($$ donated to the Sarah Caltrider Memorial Fund and the Mason High School Swim & Dive Team). My times for my two individual events surprised me (100 IM -1:28 & 100 Back -1:32). Went to Cherie Inn for breakfast -the Pumpkin, Apple, & Pecan Pancakes were so good the only sound for a it was yuuuuuuuummmmmmm. Made a trip to  Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery with two of my favorite people ever for wine tasting, doughnuts, and apple cider. Mix in lots of food and drinks with everyone AND Michigan State won their football game against Wisconsin and that equals a recipe for a wonderful long weekend in the Mitten.



2 thoughts on “Beautiful Tragedy

  1. Lisa W says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to use MelCat to get this one, I think.
    Sorry I missed you.

  2. I came across your blog this morning as I was searching for Sarah Caltrider. Her mom has been my oldest friend-almost 50 years. I enjoyed your post and will check out the book recommendation. Thanks!

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