My moped has arrived and is almost ready for the road! I just had to wait for the Bill of Sale so I could get a plate for it. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow (Monday) and start riding to work. Took it for a spin in the driveway today and it is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Now all I really need is a sweet decal for my helmet (I got a white one so I would have a blank canvas).

In other news:

I feel good about myself today! I’ve been working out at least four days a week, mostly five. I opened a savings account yesterday and made large payments on all of my credit cards. I also gave back to the world today, without leaving my house! (Note to self– Internet + Debit Card + Elise = Not a good idea if I want to continue paying on my credit cards)

I bought a pair of TOMS today. I’ve been thinking about a pair for a while because I know I need to wear regular shoes (that cover my toes) for some things, now that the moped is up and running I need to wear shoes while riding. I HATE tennis shoes for anything other than working out and in South Florida they are particularly distressing due to the heat. TOMS are comfy shoes and suppose to be relatively cool to wear. The company also has a great business model. For every pair of shoes purchased, the company donates a pair to a person in need. Most of these shoes go to people in 3rd-world countries. Check out their website for more info on where they drop their shoes and to look at all the super sweet styles available. I am also thinking about trying to host a “Style your Sole” party, where we would get a pair of white TOMS and use paint, markers, etc. to create a one of a kind shoe. For those Vegetarians/Vegans out there, TOMS has a shoe for you! Too bad I didn’t know about this company when I was in GR where all my artistic friends could enjoy. We’ll see if I can find some contacts in the art world down here… Will keep you all posted!

I think that is all my news.



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