Definitely isn’t in Michigan anymore…

Florida has HUGE frogs… seriously… they are enormous. I was out taking a picture of the beautiful sunset when I turned around and saw this guy (or girl, I don’t really know). I think I interrupted a rendezvous because after one of the dogs discovered the frog and started chasing it, he startled another one that hopped into the pool and then out into the ferns before I could get a good picture of him/her. In addition to giant frogs (or is this a toad.. I could never really tell the difference), Florida has many other wonderful qualities. I have a stellar tan from working outside at the pool, I haven’t been cold since I got off the plane, and the natural highlights in my hair are standing out more from the sun. I think a year in the Sunshine State will do me good…

In other news… there is no other news.



One thought on “Definitely isn’t in Michigan anymore…

  1. Lisa says:

    Wear sunscreen and moisturizer. You will thank me when you are 40!

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