Favorite New Movie

Found with a google search but rights to Dreamworks.

How to Train Your Dragon. One of Dreamworks’ best movies in a while. Thankfully this came out before they try to kill off any remaining respect I have for them with another Shek sequel (the first one was amazing, the second alright, after that it just gets ridiculous). Like everything else coming out now, it was released in 3D, which makes my brain/eyes/stomach/ soul hurt. I’m grateful that these big movie producers take pity on those that dislike the spectacle of a 3D movie and release the same movie without all the fancy crap attached to it. With a great cast made up of Jay Baruchel (very popular lately with Knocked Up and She’s Out of My League), buddy Johna Hill (much better as a voice actor), and others the movie definitely spoke to young kids, but was enjoyable for the young at heart. Of course my favorite part was Gerard Butler’s voice as Hiccup’s father and chief of the Viking tribe, Stoick. I could listen to that Scottish brogue all day, but what made it more enjoyable was the animators addition of facial movement on Stoick that mimic how Bulter would look in real life. OK, enough crush gushing. The plot was cute and interesting, the main dragon, Toothless, acts EXACTLY like my roommates cat (they even look similar – see this post for proof), and the hero doesn’t escape his adventures unscathed (oops spoiled it…).

As an aside that my sister would insist on…

The Vikings didn’t really dress, act, live, or fight exactly like portrayed in the movie. Neither would they all have British, Irish, Scottish, or American accents.

Another aside…

None of the misportayals above ruined the movie. Simply stated, children think of Viking in that way and the movie is for them not for adults who know way too much about Nordic life.


P.S. Dragons don’t exist either so we can really give up on being factually correct.


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