I hate waiting.

Books are fickle friends especially when they come in a series.  Waiting for the author to finish the next book, the editor to decide it is perfect, and the publisher to print/ship it can be agonizing. Here are a few books that I have been tapping my foot while waiting to get my hands on them.

Dance with Dragons – George R.R. Martin – My roommate got me hooked on this fantasy series (A Song of Ice and Fire) when we were freshmen in college. The last book came out when we were sophomores. Now we are graduating and still waiting to dive back into the Stark fray. There isn’t even a publication date for me to look forward to. I just hope he doesn’t pull a Wheel of Time.

Mockingjay Suzanne Collins – The third (and probably final) installment of The Hunger Games series. The cliffhanger endings make me want to stalk Collins until I can steal a copy of her manuscript, but alas I’ve no time or money to go into stalking professionally. I guess I will wait with a tapping foot until August 24 (my Mum’s Birthday) to swipe (and by swipe I mean pay for because I’m too much of a chicken to ever try to steal anything) a copy from the shelves of my local bookstore.


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