Mad Grad.

The original illustration from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

I think today has changed the course of my life yet again. My life plans thus far are outlined on my About page, peruse them at your leisure.

The University of Leicester has a program for Art Museum and Gallery Science. I have researched this program for about six months and decided this was a good program for me. I was super excited that the program includes an internship at a gallery/museum in the UK and that I could get a Master’s degree in a year (11 months).

Since I decided that the Leicester program was for me, I’ve been looking into ways to finance my European adventure. I found the Marshall Scholarship through the British Gov. that would pay for EVERYTHING. The catch was that I could apply for a one year scholarship with a detailed plan for after that year OR apply for a two-year scholarship with “nothing” to do the second year. I didn’t exactly have a plan for after graduation so I wanted to look into other options. I thought for a minute about getting a PhD, but that was a super scary thought.

Cut to today:

Researching more about student Visas and questions I want to ask the British Consulate this weekend. During this research I stumbled across another program that was just as interesting at the University of Nottingham. It would a Master’s in Visual Culture – Art, Photography, and Film.

Moral of the story is: I can now get one scholarship for two Master’s degrees and come back to the states after two years in England with a hell of a lot more knowledge!



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